how to build a writing portfolio for free

Want to Learn How to Build a Writing Portfolio for Free? Start with these 5 Websites

Landing a freelance writing gig is challenging because the competition for lucrative jobs is fierce. However, you may have an upper hand if you can prove your experience to prospective clients through your portfolio. That’s why you need to learn how to build a writing portfolio.

Many new freelance writers don’t know how to build a writing portfolio with no experience, and that’s why I am writing this article. In this post, you will find the five best websites to build a writing portfolio that blows your clients’ minds.

My awesome experience with building a writing portfolio

Like most of you, I had a challenge while growing my writing career. Most of the clients that I got in touch with wanted to see my portfolio, blog, or articles that I had published online. But I had no idea how to make a writing portfolio.

I only knew about Upwork or Fiverr, and I’d often share documents of articles I had written with my prospects. Unfortunately, this wasn’t effective, and I barely got the type of clients I wanted — of course, the ones that paid much for my services.

The eye-opener: how to make a portfolio for content writing

While reading to find how to build a writing portfolio with no experience, I discovered that having a personal blog is a good way to present oneself as a professional to prospective clients. But unfortunately, I didn’t have a budget to cater for that.

At last, I found a treasure trove that changed my writing career for life. What I discovered are websites to build a presentable portfolio for clients for free. And I can show you how to make a portfolio for content writing. You can use these 5 websites I found to build an attractive portfolio online for free!

Then I started my first blog: 😀

To be honest, I was quite confused when I started the blog because I didn’t really know the niche to focus on. The sketch in my mind was that I’ll build the blog, use it as a portfolio, and then for advertising too.

The first few posts on the blog emphasized success and motivation. Later on, after taking a deep thought, I decided that the health industry was the best place to pitch my tent as a content writer.

I got a graphic designer to make a logo, which is quite a funny one when I look back at it. And then I began to excitedly put it to my prospects in my pitches.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work much magic also.

Later, I learned about branding and decided that the better name would be OnlineHealthHub. I made some success with the blog, but I lost much of the information on the blog because the developer I hired didn’t inform me about due dates.

In any case, the reason for the long story is you don’t have to go through the long journey I did. I can show you how to make a portfolio for content writing. You can use these 5 websites I’ll share to build an attractive portfolio online for free!

When your prospects ask you for a link, you can happily send them one and hope for a positive response.


No alt text provided for this image is an online portfolio for writers that allows you to upload up to 10 samples of your best jobs (It’s unlimited for the paid version). You can also customize your projects with images and then add links to them.

The platform also allows you to upload a professional profile picture, write a short description, and put your best foot forward to impress your prospective clients.


No alt text provided for this image is not basically for writers only, but it allows you to showcase your skills and experience in an attractive way. You can upload a professional picture, talk about your experience, and also add your best projects to your profile.

3. Medium

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Medium allows you to build authority in your chosen niche. More than a portfolio, you can use Medium to build a large following, transfer your content seamlessly between platforms, and showcase yourself as a professional writer.

4. Muck Rack

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You’ll especially love Muck Rack if you are into journalism, mainly because it is absolutely free! You can put out endless media content that you have worked on. All you need is to create a profile and familiarize yourself with the navigation on the platform.


No alt text provided for this image offers you the opportunity to build a free blog for yourself. Besides the extra “” extension added to your unique URL, it’s a go.

You can customize your website using the built-in tools and then share it with any client interested in seeing your online portfolio.

Wrapping up: how to build a writer portfolio for free

Learning how to make portfolio for content writing is a vital freelance writing skill. Hopefully, these five websites will get you off to a good start. Later, you can move on to build a fully-fledged personal website with your domain name and a reliable web hosting service.

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Did you learn how to make a content writer portfolio?

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